So called life

It is a little sad when the high spot of our weekend was unpacking a new fridge freezer.

With all that has happened to us over the last year, getting married, changing jobs, closing down a business, selling our house, it’s kinda dull.

But it’s also nice that all we had to worry about was when the freezer would arrive, and we *do* worry … a *lot* …

After wasting a whole day it finally arrived around 17:30. Why when we are paying to have it delivered do we have to have the inconvenience of waiting? *They* are supposed to be providing a service to *us*. We should be able to state a day and time and have it arrive then, none of this “it will get there when it gets there”.


Today we checked on the progress of our new house. No change, but I guess with the strong winds we have been having they couldn’t do much.

I enquired about having cable tv, it seems as it is a new estate the cable is already there, or at least they have buried pipe or something ready for it, so we would only need to have it connected and wouldn’t need any road or garden dug up.

The reason this has interested me is I want to get Sky Digital for all my geek tv, and have cable internet access when (if) it becomes available to us. If it doesn’t happen I will just have to pin my hopes on BT and ADSL or win the lottery and have a 2mbit line to my house ;O)