Simons Non Stag Do

Saturday was not Simons “Stag Do”.

Simon didn’t want a Stag Do. Julie was having her Hen-Night (What is a Stagess? Not a hen, I know that much), but Simon said he didn’t want anything like that.

So he came over and a group of us had a little wander around town, sampling ales, Chinese meal, then a few of us fell down drunk and watered their neighbours gardens.

By the time Colin and I got to the Meeting Pub, Simons friends who I had not met before were already a fair few pints in front of us. They had been there around lunch time, and we met at 19:00.

We were introduced, and Colin and I tried our best friendly smiles, while they looked on at us with heavy glazed eyes.

Mark and Dave arrived at 20:00 and we all moved on to the next pub. Dave and Col seemed determined to catch up with Simons other friends, either that or their tolerance for alchohol isn’t what they claim ;O)

After a few more drinks we ended up in the chinese restaurant, with Simons friends alternately chatting up or making fun of the staff, and Dave “subtly” picking up on anything dumb Simons friends said (ie. laughing his head off and pointing).

Colin got a little carried away with himself and started asking personal questions and betting Simon £1 that Simon and Julie would have kids first.

Not wanting to hang around to see what the conclusion of the night would be, I called Clare and she picked me up. I found out later that Dave had had to practically carry Colin home