Rebirth of the Personal Blog

It seems because of Posterous and Darren there has been a resurgence of the personal blog. This is good news as there is only so much you can do with 140 character Twitter/FaceBook status updates, much as I am a certified Twitter addict.

I first noticed Posterous again when I saw Chris Brogan using it. A little while back I set up an account, did some “Hello World” type rubbish, then happy that I had claimed my name, abandoned it.

As you can see right here on your screen, I have my personal blog sorted. There has been a personal life stream of sorts going back to my first dial up account with 9600 baud modem and Mosaic web browser. Everyone had a personal website back then. Of course as a geek I progressed to “Silicon Heaven”, my science fiction internet fanzine where I wrote about Dr Who, Red Dwarf, and so on. My first “official” blog post was probably the one you see below.

My first official blog post

You have to start somewhere ...

Of course it is complete crap, but I do like the “these things never last” line … how wrong was I? :)

What makes Posterous special is that it hooks up to the rest of your social profiles and works over email. This is perfect for the iPhone generation. Send a media file to Posterous as an email attachment and it posts it up, then lets the appropriate social media service know about it. So pictures go to Flickr, video to YouTube, yada yada – all with a status update to FaceBook and Twitter. I will likely do a full write up on one blog or other, I love it.

Get a Posterous account, try it. It is great, at least until all that functionality is rolled into WordPress, as it no doubt will. You can find mine at and you will also want to check out these quality personal blog products: