If you are taking part in training, a seminar, or some other presentation, do you prefer to

  1. Listen
  2. Code
  3. Read


My assumption is that people who actually get someone in to teach them would like to listen at least a bit, also ask a lot of questions. I personally like to get hands-on too.

I have just been putting together a package for a guy I will be teaching ASP.NET to tomorrow. When I am actually delivering training I let the trainees choice dictate how things go, what the topics are, etc, but my usual style is “theory”, “what this means is”, “let’s code”, “some more theory”, “see how *this* connects to *that*”, “bit more code”, “aint that cool?”, “still with me?”, “lets code a bit more”.

Before my printer decided to fizzle out I printed a load of stuff, and I have burned lots of code to CD-Rom. I know some people, like Steve actually bring proper books along.

What do you like to get when you have training?