Public Transport

In the UK we have what is laughingly referred to by “Two Jags” and the other fat cat politicians as an “integrated transport policy”. This basically means make it difficult and highly taxed to use cars while making it deeply unpleasant, expensive or nearly impossible to use public transport.

Unless you live in London, which is slightly more convenient as they at least have the tube.

the Blog at Calgary : Transportation Planning in Review discusses the plans for Calgary. I don’t live in Calgary but want to. I take a keen interest in all things Cowtopia. There is an election this weekend too. I want to be a new calgarian, not the redneck funny hat wearing type but the SUV driving suburban type.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of public transport. I used it daily when I had a proper job rather than working in my underwear. I didn’t like the reality of public transport one bit. It is expensive, smelly, frightening, inefficient, unsafe, threatening, unpredictable, unhealthy, dangerous, and lots of other nasty things. It wasn’t just the druggies, the drunks and the abusive passengers, or the urine spilling around the floor, the sticky seats stuck up with God knows what.  They never ever ever run on time.  Try using the train being delayed for the 40th time as an excuse to a boss who walks to work from his penthouse sweet two blocks away.

I even swapped my laptop bag for a rucksack type so as not to get mugged. I know several people who swapped their earphones for non-white ones for the same reason. On the rare occasion public transport (to get the one bus or train an hour that was available) I still had to use my car to get me to and from the station. Integrated? Don’t make me laugh.

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