How Guest Posting is More Than Just SEO

as a blogger it is very easy to get stuck in ruts. You start “phoning it in”, and your audience can get bored and drift away. Just like your favorite television shows can become formulaic, so can our blogs. By allowing guest posts, or guest posting on other blogs, it helps mix things up and stay sharp, which is a win-win for everyone.

If you are not already guest posting then I recommend you start now. Begin with supplying articles for your friends then branch out, you do not need to start with the A-list to get the benefits.

In the last week I have posted eight guest posts. Why? Because it works!

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My 3 Words for 2010

What will your 3 words be? How do you choose?

Three words …. work in progress …

* Positivity
* Productivity
* Balance

I know Chris says the words should have larger meaning than the words imply, so do not think these should be just taken literally, though they do have the basic definition meanings too.

My words were taken from the lessons I learned in 2009.

Positivity was because the year could have been much, much worse. We were basically panicking as 2009 started because my daughter had a very serious health issue. Thankfully she got through it and that sense of relief and looking to the good things in life carried us through the rest of the year. The contrast between our feelings in 2008 and 2009 were tangible.

It’s as important to be concious about positivity in what you add and what you take away. Positivity comes from your internal thoughts, from your outward behavior, and from the peopel who you surround yourself with. It’s a series of choices. Most people know me as a positive person but (you might say naturally), it took some effort as worries and tiredness weighed – I aim to return to my default positive mode, and communicate that positivity to others.

Productivity is something I had to learn and I made real strides in 2009, and I want to continue this in 2010. Not just in work, though that clearly has real benefits, but “Being Productive” has other implications too, from not wasting time through to learning when to say “No” (something I am not very good at but have had to start to learn).

I achieved quite a lot in 2009, but using some of the approaches I learned, experimented with, practiced and implemented in the latter half of 2009 I could have achieved more. 2010 is going to be interesting!

Balance is something I have had to start to learn the hard way. I push myself too hard, I am too hard on myself, and life slapped me around quite a lot to remind me how important family is in 2009. Balance again has bigger meanings than just the dictionary definition. If only for my health.

What do you plan to do differently in 2010?

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Beyond Blogging – The Secrets to Blogging Success

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You’ve Heard Think and Grow Rich

But Why Not Blog and Grow Rich!

Tell me, what do you think of when you hear these names?

  • Chris Brogan
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Chris Guillebeau
  • David Risley
  • Penelope Trunk
  • Chris Garrett
  • Darren Rowse
  • Pete Cashmore
  • Jonathan Fields
  • Shama Kabani
  • Michael Dunlop
  • Steve Pavlina
  • iJustine
  • Brian Clark
  • John Chow

I’m happy to say I am featured along with some of my fellow blogging buddies. It’s a great book and I am sure anyone who reads it will be inspired and informed a whole bunch of times. When someone buys it through my link you get a great ebook and also I get a little something for my efforts (about enough to keep me in Chicken Tikka Masala or something) but I would suggest any blogger check it out even if I had nothing to do with it and nothing to gain.

Check out the full details here … and if you buy, thanks for the curry :)

Drag and Drop Post Scheduling with the Editorial Calendar WordPress plugin

This WordPress plugin makes scheduling your blog posts as easy as drag and drop. My blog in this example is my membership site and I use this Editorial Calendar plugin to arrange when to drip out all the bonuses that customers get in a logical order without having to do any date math!

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Social Media and SEO

I have been out of the loop a little bit with the news so have been catching up today.

One of the things that stood out was some discussions about how with social media you do not need SEO, or how social media tactics are awesome for SEO, and such.

Fact is, as anyone who actually uses SEO, social media and internet marketing will tell you, YMMV (“your mileage may vary”).

If I based my advice on just my own experiences as a blogger and information marketer then the information I share would be markedly different to the experience I have gained by working on client projects. Business and marketing reality is rarely the one size fits all theory that gurus talk.

I have and have had clients in every market from nuclear power stations through to drug rehab. Just today I have promoted Microsoft Excel tools and credit cards. Think every single tactic or strategy works the same for all of them? Think having a gajillion facebook friends would help sell dental drills?

SEO is not going away. Social media compliments good marketing, doesn’t replace it. And as always, test and tweak.

You have to work out what works for you and your business, not what a pundit thinks is true … even this pundit :)

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