1 Year Maciversary

My Mac - one year on

I just wrote on Codswallop blog how I have had my Mac one year. It turns out I was a few days out, looking at the post here where I announced I had gornanddoneit.

Thanks to D’Arcy for the Maciversary word, heh.

I have to say, for the few faults and frustrations, I do love my mac like I have never loved another computer except for perhaps the Commodore Vic 20 (you never forget your first).

Up to now I have resisted planting down the £400 to buy a Mac mini but it is getting harder and harder to push past the Apple store. Really sometimes I worry I might get arrested for groping their hardware a little too enthusiastically.

Is there any other product that makes otherwise rational human beings behave this way?

We have a puppy!

IMG_1211.JPG, originally uploaded by chrisgarrett.

Please let me introduce you to the latest member of our family.

Mr Benji Garrett :)

He is a Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel. We haven’t got him home yet, he is still a little too young to leave his mum. We’ll probably bring him home after Christmas to avoid upsetting him with all the noise and activity.

Isn’t he cute? :)

Does any UK mobile phone vendor get it?

As you probably know, o2 are a bit pants, so I am looking around to switch to another cell provider. I mainly use 3G data, not so much with the calls.

Check out this “solution builder” over at Vodaphone.com which helpfully tells me if I want mobile data I am going to need a laptop (despite specifically asking if the person will have access to one and me stating “no”).

I guess those 3G handsets they sell are useless then, right? :)

Blogrush Bums Rush

Sorry Blogrush. I gave you a chance but if you are not going to send any traffic then what good are you? Your widget has been removed and to be honest, I think my sidebar looks better without it.

iPhone Rules Confusion for UK Business

A friend told me today that they would not be buying the iPhone until the terms and conditions were clarified for businesses.

Hang on, I thought, O2 were encouraging me to upgrade my business tariff to the iPhone only two weeks ago. A little digging and sure enough, right in the iPhone Tariff FAQ it says this:

All usage must be for your private, personal and non-commercial purposes.

So, looks like I need to call up business customer support and get them to clarify …

Added: Oh, and even though I am a long standing and loyal customer, both business and private … I pay the same as a brand new customer. No upgrades, no discounts, no offers … way to keep my loyal!

NHL Ice Hockey on UK TV

NHL on UK TV … for free! :)

Thursdays, Channel 5 1:45am.

Ice Hockey, on British telly! FREE! Woohoo! :)

(can you tell I am happy?)

I’m not usually a sports fan. Watch boxing, or if it is the FA/World Cup some soccer. I like some rugby if England are playing. But one sport I *love* is Ice Hockey.

When I say love, I mean love but not enough to subscribe to a whole channel just for the off chance they put NHL on ;)

So today I am a happy camper. NHL. On British telly. For free!

It’s like my Christmas has come early :)