Test Your Geography Knowledge

Geography is not my strong suit so I won’t embarass myself with my dismal showing but I actually did better than I expected :)

Stick pins and see how close you get to world places!

Traveler IQ Challenge

Happy Holidays (With Legal Disclaimer)

Happy HolidaysToday is the last day of work for many people before the “holidays” so I thought I would take this opportunity to offer you best wishes for the, uh, season. Yes, I am choosing my words carefully. Please read the small print below before replying :)

Happy Holidays!

Legal Disclaimer
This statement of good wishes (”Greeting”) from me (”Sender”) is intended to be generic in nature. “Holiday” is intentionally left an undefined term. This holiday may include, but not be limited to, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Day, Saturnalia, or even Elvis’ Birthday (”Elvis” is a registered trademark of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Memphis, TN). Further, the recipient of this greeting (”Receiver”), may insert his or her own holiday into this Greeting, either explicitly or implicitly, or no holiday at all, if he or she chooses. If Receiver celebrates no holidays during the intended period of Greeting, assumed to be roughly mid-December, 2007 through the first week in January, 2008 (”Greeting Period”), he or she may consider Greeting to be merely general, and a simple wish of good feelings and joy, suitable for any time of year, or no time at all.

Greeting should in no way be construed to guarantee or warrant happiness or other good feelings during Greeting Period, or warrant or guarantee an acceptable holiday. By accepting Greeting, Receiver expressly agrees that he or she assumes the risk for his or her own holiday. Receiver will hold Sender harmless should Receiver’s expectations for Greeting Period and wishes contained herein not coincide.

Greeting is at all times subject to withdrawal by Sender, and it may be canceled or modified at any time, without notice to Receiver. In the event of cancellation, Receiver shall receive no credit or proration for any time left in Greeting Period. Greeting is not intended to be transferable, and has no cash value. Under no circumstances may Receiver in any way alter Greeting, or publish Greeting directly or indirectly without express written permission of Sender. Permission may be withheld for any reason within the sole discretion of Sender, with no rule of reasonableness.

Should Receiver not accept the terms of Greeting listed above, no rights or benefits related to Greeting will accrue.

Should a dispute arise from Greeting, Receiver agrees that jurisdiction and venue will be in the courts of the United Kingdom. Sender and Receiver agree that personal jurisdiction will lie in those courts, regardless of the location of either party. Greeting will be construed under the laws of the United Kingdom, without regard to Choice of Law or Renvoy.

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Remember when this was state of the art?

Aaah, the good old days. 8-bits of raw computing power, and we knew how to use them! Of course we had the Commodore Vic20 (which was still being paid off after we were enjoying the world of 16-bit computing …)

Shock at $85k mobile phone bill

ouch! I hope I got it right when I signed up for my new data plan otherwise we will need to remortgage the house …


A Canadian man has been shocked to receive a mobile phone bill for nearly $85,000 (£41,000).

Bell Mobility said they would lower the bill to $3,243 in a “goodwill gesture” to match the best data plan available for using mobile phones a modem, the Globe and Mail reported

$3k is the best data plan available? According to the 3 sales rep I get 1gb for $20/mo with 20c per mb over, how much do they charge and how much did he download?

1 Year Maciversary

My Mac - one year on

I just wrote on Codswallop blog how I have had my Mac one year. It turns out I was a few days out, looking at the post here where I announced I had gornanddoneit.

Thanks to D’Arcy for the Maciversary word, heh.

I have to say, for the few faults and frustrations, I do love my mac like I have never loved another computer except for perhaps the Commodore Vic 20 (you never forget your first).

Up to now I have resisted planting down the £400 to buy a Mac mini but it is getting harder and harder to push past the Apple store. Really sometimes I worry I might get arrested for groping their hardware a little too enthusiastically.

Is there any other product that makes otherwise rational human beings behave this way?

We have a puppy!

IMG_1211.JPG, originally uploaded by chrisgarrett.

Please let me introduce you to the latest member of our family.

Mr Benji Garrett :)

He is a Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel. We haven’t got him home yet, he is still a little too young to leave his mum. We’ll probably bring him home after Christmas to avoid upsetting him with all the noise and activity.

Isn’t he cute? :)

Does any UK mobile phone vendor get it?

As you probably know, o2 are a bit pants, so I am looking around to switch to another cell provider. I mainly use 3G data, not so much with the calls.

Check out this “solution builder” over at Vodaphone.com which helpfully tells me if I want mobile data I am going to need a laptop (despite specifically asking if the person will have access to one and me stating “no”).

I guess those 3G handsets they sell are useless then, right? :)