Artist’s Secret

The Artist’s Secret is that all art comes from abnormal brains. So if you create art that satisfies your own tastes, you have created for a market of exactly one abnormal person. If you’re lucky, a handful of other freaks get some joy from your creations too. But it won’t be enough to pay your bills. It’s not a career until you learn to create products that normal people like.

This is depressing … but also something I have found to be true enough to believe it is a general rule.

What do you think?

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Huge Badass (Aussie?) Spider

Just got around to unpacking one of the cases that we last opened in Brisbane, and look what we found. Part of me was tempted to let it bite me in case I acquired superhuman powers.

Of course it might well be a mediocre and not at all exciting British spider, but the thing is frikkin huge (about the size of the top of a beer can) and I am leaning towards weaponized killer from some CIA program.

We decided to tip it outside rather than try to handle it. Call me pathetic but I would rather be a coward than in casualty right now while doctors look up exotic venom counteragents, heh. If we find any dead pigeon carcasses in the morning we know the culprit I think …

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Our First Aussie Rules Football at MCG

Thanks to Darren we got to experience our first taste of Aussie Football at the MCG yesterday. Despite the result not favouring Darren’s team, we had a fantastic time. Aussie rules is Football done right, it has lots of speed and violence, exactly the ingredients any good sport requires :)

I think this is the first professional sport experience I have witnessed first hand that did not involve ice or petrol …

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