Is it time to defend our rights?

This has got to stop. We have to say “enough is enough” to those who hold copyrights in songs and images and words and videos. We must refuse to remake the digital world in order to serve only their interests.

You tell ‘em Bill :)

As an intellectual property creator, I think the system sucks and is getting suckier … for consumers.

Read the full thing here plus see how the UK Government just handed UK citizens a steaming pile of … Digital Economy Bill.

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I have been trying to work out why my blog lost 5k subscribers. Looking into it there were some strange things going on with redirects, so I am hoping it was the plugin that grabs hold of any slug 4 characters or smaller (including “/feed”!). We will see if my subscriber count bounces back, but my working theory is Feedburner were not counting the people who had subscribed to /Feed before the Feedburner days …

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SXSW and Austin, Texas first impressions

This place is great. The film and music folks are much swankier than the interactive nerds, but I expected that :)

Had a nice catch up and breakfast with Darren. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get sim cards to make our calls/data costs cheaper, though seems like we might have been given duff info by the AT&T sales guy …

Stroke of luck with my SXSW pass, only 10min wait (have been up to an hour for others). Hotel shuttles pretty good when I finally managed to work out how to get my wristband.

Everything seems organized chaos, but a great vibe. There are so many people I am having trouble working out if I recognize faces or not. I have only been blanked once so far but managed to have some great conversations already.

What with the jet lag and the sun I am already drooping, considering having a nap.

All this and I haven’t been to a panel yet ;)

So far so good, and this is only part way through day one :)

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Knowing what you want

I have been working with an NLP coach lately. While I help him with blogging strategy, he helps me with life strategy. It’s interesting stuff.

When I have his blog up and running I will introduce you to him, he is a cool guy, but before then I have to share with you an insight that he dropped on me like a water-filled baloon from a 17th story window.

How are you going to achieve your goals if you don’t have clarity about what you really want?

Clients often sabotage their own goals by placing restrictions and I think that I am doing the same by having goals that are potentially at odds with each other, or by having short-term behavior at odds with my long term goals.

One example is I keep saying I am going to not take on as much consulting work so I can concentrate on my products, webinars and courses. But have I taken my services page down? No.

Knowing exactly what you want is trickier than it sounds. By being precise you actually close off alternative routes, which feels uncomfortable, but while you are flip flopping between two choices you make it more difficult to get to the destination you want.

If you set a destination you can course correct on the way, but until you know your destination you can’t really take off.

As I say, interesting stuff …

If people behaved face to face the way they do in social media it would be funny

If people behaved face to face the way they do in social media it would be funny ;)

“Hi, I think this is my seat”
“Thanks for saying hi, have you seen my brochure?”
“Um, I was just …”
“What do YOU think about my brochure?”
“… ok, I think I will sit over here …”

“Hey guys, can I sit over here? That guy is a jerk. Did you see the news I …”


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