Drag and Drop Post Scheduling with the Editorial Calendar WordPress plugin

This WordPress plugin makes scheduling your blog posts as easy as drag and drop. My blog in this example is my http://guestposting.info membership site and I use this Editorial Calendar plugin to arrange when to drip out all the bonuses that customers get in a logical order without having to do any date math!

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Social Media and SEO

I have been out of the loop a little bit with the news so have been catching up today.

One of the things that stood out was some discussions about how with social media you do not need SEO, or how social media tactics are awesome for SEO, and such.

Fact is, as anyone who actually uses SEO, social media and internet marketing will tell you, YMMV (“your mileage may vary”).

If I based my advice on just my own experiences as a blogger and information marketer then the information I share would be markedly different to the experience I have gained by working on client projects. Business and marketing reality is rarely the one size fits all theory that gurus talk.

I have and have had clients in every market from nuclear power stations through to drug rehab. Just today I have promoted Microsoft Excel tools and credit cards. Think every single tactic or strategy works the same for all of them? Think having a gajillion facebook friends would help sell dental drills?

SEO is not going away. Social media compliments good marketing, doesn’t replace it. And as always, test and tweak.

You have to work out what works for you and your business, not what a pundit thinks is true … even this pundit :)

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Two big concepts that can give you immediate improvements

I just sent this to my Authority Blogger list and I thought the message was worth sharing with a wider audience :)

Begin forwarded message:

I have two articles for you that I know have got many people thinking. 

They were born out of all the feedback I have been getting recently around the Authority Blogger Course launch and as more feedback comes in I will be following up with more advice.

Bottom line is you have to think of your online activities in a fresh way going into 2010 …

If you feel like you are stuck right now, “Maybe someday” isn’t going to work!

  1. Set out your goals and how online fits into that.
  2. Put into place all the systems and strategies that you require to achieve that goal.
  3. Gather and create all the assets and media those systems need.

Where I see people struggle most is they try lots of different things, switch from tactic of the month, to the latest shiny thing, instead of finding one approach that resonates with them,  sticking with it and taking action.

My advice is to make a plan, gather the resources you need, and take action. I know you can do it. You know you can do it, decide now :)



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