The Snow Just Keeps on Coming #jpg465

Every time I clear the snow it keeps coming back and covering it. I
might just stop clearing it and pretend that it has already been done

On the plus side, it might be -18c +/- windchill, but the sun is out,
the sky is blue, and somehow our new bedroom still arrived (if
slightly damaged and only half assembled).

The lady in customer services seemed shocked that we would prefer
replacements rather than $100 store credit. So now we have to wait 72
hours for someone to come out and assess if we are lying or not.

And people wonder why we normally buy furniture from Ikea …

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Winter is back #jpg365

Winter came back with a bump today, delaying the weekend plans. We
were supposed to go to a dinner party and try our hand at the snow
mobile fun.

Right now the weather report could be worse, but the predictions are
for it to steadily deteriorate and we don’t want to be caught out in
it and freeze.

… looks like we will be staying in and drinking instead :)

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My 2010 In Pictures

In describing the JPG365 project on Twitter I said it was like creating a visual diary, and you know what? I think it makes a really good diary. It’s fun to look over your past year in photographic format. Here is a sample of our 2010. In fact it was difficult to choose one picture for each month because so much happened!


After a brief discussion on Twitter a group of folks and I are going to take part in a “picture a day challenge”.

Here are the details:

  • Any topic
  • Any camera
  • Shared how you like
  • If you are a twitter user, use the hash tag #jpg365
  • If you are flickr user, use the tag jpg365
  • Just make sure you take at least one picture a day and share it :)

Why do this?

Because it is fun, it is practice, and it is a social way to further your photography hobby :)

I just updated my jpg365 Flickr set here

New Nespresso Machine

I am so glad our new Nespresso machine arrived today. After some
initial difficulty (the machine refused to produce warm water which is
kinda essential for espresso) we got the baby working.

Rather than replace our aeroccino we got one of those whisk type milk
frothing machines. That also refused to work initially and only in a
slightly limp way now. But we persisted and man was it good.

This coffee tastes of home :)

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