Millennium Falcon Lego Timelapse

I would have loved this kit as a kid, probably still would as an adult, but where the heck did he find time to put it together?

Great piece of blog entertainment though that and happy birthday Lego!

Via Boing Boing Gadgets

Here are several evenings of my life condensed into 3:38 of time lapse footage as I assemble the “Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon” LEGO set, the largest yet sold, with over five thousand individual elements.

Gene Hunt is Back – Ashes to Ashes Coming Soon

Ashes to Ashes

Fire up the Quatro! This is a show I am looking forward to, Ashes to Ashes, the sequel to Life on Mars.

When I say “look forward to”, I also feel like it could be a major disappointment after the original raised expectations so high so there is equal dread mixed in with the excitement.

Apparently the intarwebs are saying it should commence first week of February – Can’t wait.

Penn Jillette’s New Video Blog

Penn Jillette (from Penn & Teller) is doing short video posts. He has been given cameras by Sony and gets to rant about whatever is on his mind.

I’m not into video blogs so much right now but if you are going to watch someone rant and rave their wacky opinions, this is probably going to be better than anything else on offer.

The Cause of My Sleep Deprivation

IMG_1542.JPG, originally uploaded by chrisgarrett.

Benji has soundly imposed his authority on the house. The pecking order now begins with the puppy and ends with me. The cats appearing somewhere in the middle, something they are currently contesting loudly and protesting with smelly responses around the house.

I got one or two hours sleep this last week. Last night he gave us a good four hours or so between yelps and whines. To make up for it he rewarded me with about an hours cleaning “fun”.

The joys of puppy ownership. *sigh*