My First Big Link

I just went digging to find my first “big link” – the first time someone sent me a whole bunch of traffic.

While I don’t have stats going back that far I did manage to find a whole bunch of old blog posts from back in 1999, and one in particular where I referenced a traffic spike from the post above. It was a huge thing for me, not so much because of the traffic but because I read that site as a real fan (I think the site and specifically this article were instrumental in getting me into “Blogging” rather than creating “websites”) :)

Unfortunately the .com site is no longer maintained by the original owner, Cameron Barrett, and is now a pr0n site :( However I dug around and found a .org site … but he no longer maintains it.

So thanks Cam, it probably doesn’t seem like much but it certainly was :)

I’m going to dig up as many old posts as possible and paste them into this site so they are not lost forever :)