Movie Geeks

Clare had a really sh’tty day at work, her boss shouted at her so much it made her cry. I wouldn’t mind so much if she had a good reason for it, but Clare hadn’t done anything wrong. The worst thing is, Clares boss is a consultant psychiatrist – aren’t these people meant to care for peoples mental health?

I, on the other hand, had a nice day at work. At lunch Brian (our creative guy), Jayne (Brians girlfriend) and I had a trip to the local pub for beer and food. {Sea, you notice I have started describing who people are? }. They have bought a house near work, so when we picked up Jayne I got to have a nosey. It’s really nice, kinda like our old house, except our house didn’t have a huge swimming-pool-sized pond in the back ;O)

Starting the movie theme of the day, we discussed cinemas. I think we all agreed the old-style “velvet curtains and stuff” type were the best. Jayne said they have one like that in York, I told them about the time Damian and I took a trip to see Star Wars: A New Hope.

.. Flashback ..

It was about the time when George Lucas told the world he would be rehashing the original trilogy (the “special editions”), and we thought that this would be our last chance to see the original Star Wars in a cinema. I was only 3 or 4 years old when it came out, so my first cinema Star Wars was Empire.

So we decided we had to go see it. We turn up, saturday morning, in this little old fashioned cinema (so old fashioned they have an intermission half way through and a licensed bar!) to discover it’s a “kids club” showing. Bright red with embarrassment we had to sit through “uncle kevin” playing the yes/no game with all the children, and during the movie kids throwing things and making farty noises.

But it was worth it – it was Star Wars on a big screen!

.. Back to today ..

So Clares day was pretty crap. We decided we should go to get something to eat, then on to the cinema. Out today was “The Thomas Crown Affair” and “Mickey Blue Eyes”. We had to see TTCA as otherwise we would have had to wait until 22:00. Our meal out ended up being KFC, as we had around 30mins to buy food and eat it.

Damian turned up just as we were about to tuck in, so Clare gave him a “Chicken Strip”, while we discussed his new haircut over the noises of him smacking his lips and slurping. {Damian, you are one noisy eater!}. Damian has had his hair shaved, probably cuz he likes mine so much ;O)

Thomas Crown Affair was ok. Just ok.

It stars Pearce (whatever) Brosnan (?), James Bond guy, as a master thief-by-night-big-business-guy-by-day bloke. Renee Russo was crap. I totally did not like her or her character. Thomas Crown was great as a character, and peirce was (as always) great. She let the whole thing down. Too many scenes with her flashing her (not great) breasts, too. So I give it a ‘C+’.

I am thinking I ought to do a review section to my site, we go see so many movies it would be kinda nice to be able to look back on them. Just in the last month or so, we have seen Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (twice, Clare fell asleep during second viewing), Austin Powers, Entrapment, Wild Wild West and The Thomas Crown Affair.

Suppose we really must be Movie Geeks, huh? ;O)