Mouldy Wedding cake

Our wedding cake has gone mouldy after 8 years (well, 8 years on June 27th) so I thought I would take this pic before throwing it out. Shame *sniff*.

The biggest shame is neither Clare nor I even got to taste it. The people running the place where we had our wedding meal cut all the cake rather than one tier as instructed, meaning when we missed our chance of eating some we missed our chance for good, only the top tier (pictured) was left and Clare didn’t want to cut into it. I guess now it has gone bad we realise we really should have. Apparently it tasted really good.

I guess the air-tight container wasn’t so air tight after all. Do other people do this? Keep useless stuff for years purely because they are too wussy to throw it out? I mean what possible purpose could we have for keeping it?

Logic doesn’t really ever come into it. Right now I can’t bring myself to throw it out even though I know I should. I’m afraid Clare will have to do it…