Lucid Dreaming

When I was younger, even though I didn’t know it had a name or that it wasn’t “normal” I was naturally a lucid dreamer. Not every time I dreamt but enough to remember that I could change the course of my dreaming. In fact I used to go to bed thinking “what shall I dream about tonight”.

My favourite dreams were of me being a superhero. Perhaps because superheros don’t have to worry about having their school bag snatched and their pocket money stolen. Anyhoo… point being I would go to bed and dream about what I wanted to dream about. When I had nightmares I didn’t have control over the dream narrative and that above everything else was the most scary part for me. Not what was happening so much that I didn’t decide what was happening.

It wasn’t like I controlled every aspect, more it was like one of those old “choose your own adventure” story type affairs where if I didn’t like the way things were going I could decide “no, this is happening” or I could switch theme. One minute I am drowning in a vat of maple syrup (or something) next I can switch channel and I am superman flying over buildings and zapping people with my heat ray vision. That kind of thing. Like a kids imagination version of virtual reality. A lot of fun, you should try it.

As I got older this lucid dreaming state happened less and less but it’s still something that I experience from time to time.

Now I find out that it’s “bad” for you …

Caution on Hacking Your Dream – Lucid Dreaming –

# Addiction # Alienation # Dissociation # Controversial: Accidentally encountering “spiritual” entities # Controversial: Exhaustion # Controversial: Inability to stop # Controversial: Undesirable false awakenings

Not that I am too worried, the bad grammar in that article does not inspire me to put too much faith in the “warning”…