Guess where we are going?

Just lookit that scenery, eh?

*Deep Sigh*,
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So we just booked a last minute trip, woohoo I can’t wait!

Work is a bit hectic since I jacked the marketing agency job in to start my own business. Got to take these opportunities when they arrive. After Christmas there is lots of activity, who knows what it will be like after that.

So we are going and soon! Guessed where yet? 😉

Yeah, Canada again. Will be our third time this year. Back to Calgary (my birthplace) and Banff this time. Get the feeling we would rather be there than here, eh?

This time we are taking along my mate Damian. It is his first long haul flight so should be a really good adventure for him. We are both camera nuts too so expect to see some pics posted.

Until I next post pics you will have to make do with my Alberta Flickr set.