Google on software

Google is taking a stand on gitware, well done to them. I would like to see Microsoft back them in this – Google and MS united on the issue will get lots of attention, maybe enough to get some legistlation.

Looking at family and friends computers the problem is absolutely friggin enormous. My wife had my laptop 5 minutes and it was full of popup ad progs and all sorts of useless crap, just by surfing travel sites.

Which brings me to another issue. Google is being made a mockery. They have some very talented people so why to the hottest keywords and some not so hot have so many blackhat and spam sites in the top 10 listings? How difficult is it for their staff to set up hotmail accounts and hang out at the shadier forums and discussion lists rather than the legit ones? In fact, why dont they do some searches and pull the spam?

Travel is no more affected (probably less than pills, gambling, etc traditional spammer topics) but particularly annoying to me and Clare at the moment as we are arranging our Canada trip and also my 30th birthday which I will probably spend in edinburgh or london for a long weekend.