GDI+ ASP.NET addict

I was chatting to Plip who has just joined the aspalliance (at last!) and the subject of my GDI+ articles comes up. Plip thinks people “know” me for my ASP.NET graphics stuff on aspalliance and asptoday. There was also a book but sadly it was one of those big red ones with a photograph of a geek on the front :O( Now the only book with my GDI+ code in is the (brilliant) cookbook.

As I say in one of my articles (republished recently here) GDI+ is the aspect of .NET I really love and got excited about (what a geek). When I started writing stuff about GDI+ it was all new (to me anyway), there weren’t many people writing about it so it seemed a fresh landscape to explore. Now there are many people writing on the subject (people often inform me when someone has rehashed my code – even down to keeping the same variable names and comments LOL!).

I guess I am asking if I should keep banging away at the subject or find something new to write about? I guess I need to find some cash and computer bits and build a machine to install that shiny new VS on!