Everythings alright on Star Wars night

Well, in the end, we did get to see Phantom Menace. Yay! :OD

It was never going to live up to 15 or so years of expectations, but it was damn good. I give it 7/10. It was originally 6/10, but now it has sunk in a bit my opinion has changed.

The only problems I could see are, it seems to be a straight line from A->B, not really any plot twists, and Darth Maul was a dissapointment – he rarely speaks (says, what, one line?) and has no real prescence. He’s no Darth Vader at any rate.

14 of us ended up going, 11 going to the meal afterwards.

Only person missing was Paul, I tried calling over and over for around an hour, and left a message on his machine, but no joy. We will probably go again to see it, so maybe he could come along then.

After the meal, Simon, Jules and Col came round to our place and we drank and chatted until 3ish this morning.

Jules gave us our invites to their wedding do. I am gutted we can’t get to Austria for their wedding, but under the circumstances it would be stupid for us to try.

An in all, a good day all round.