Cranky? Nah, just human

Seth Godin says “have you noticed that people who want you to help them are getting a lot more insistent?“. Yup, certainly have. I notice a new plague of “comment spam” asking – nay, demanding source code, emails saying “I like your stuff. Write my project for me, cheers.” and “You wrote an article I once read so now you must do my work for me. I pay your wages. I own your ass.”

I try my best to answer questions that I get emailed but it just isn’t possible to reply to them all so I only end up answering the ones I A) Have the time to answer, which usually means B) The ones I immediately have the answer for and C) The ones that only take a few scentances to answer. Any request for code that requires me to actually write something new get ignored.

It’s painfully obvious that a lot of people ask for help but what they actually mean is “I want some code for free”.

Having said all that (got it off my chest finally) there are a great many nice people who I would never have met if they hadn’t contacted me first. I am not one of natures natural networkers. I don’t have a stuffed diary full of dates and telephone numbers, I don’t really have what you would describe as a social calendar reminding me of so-and-so’s birthday bash. I make friends and contacts by other people introducing theirself to me. And for that I am grateful. Once I make a friend I am very loyal but getting to that point requires a great deal of effort on the other party! What a git I am!

For anyone suffering a similar issue, here is the solution 😉