This is my second time writing this, bloody dodgy connection. I shouldn’t really complain, I am stealing the connection from some unsuspecting hotel guest. Chris’ top tip: the wifi point with the name “default” is usually a good bet as unsecured.

The hotel has got a funky power socket based network but the kit they gave me wouldn’t work so I went hunting for wifi. This guys wifi has a low signal but it ought to be sufficient, we travel to Banff today so no point in messing around too much. Hope the hotel in Banff has better internet access, I still have work to do this week!

So yeah, We landed safely in Cowtown, everyone can stop worrying! Sheesh, you would have thought we
were going to Antartica the way people were talking. It was -13c when we arrived and by time we had picked up hire car, got freshened up, etc it was -16c as we were driving down Mcloud Trail to Chinook center. Even Amy said it wasn’t too cold. See they don’t have the damp we have at home so even though temperatures are way lower it doesn’t feel that way.

Amy is hoping to Ice Skate With Santa at lake louise later, should be fun if we manage it.

Until next time!