OMG – Elite is 25 Years Old!

I can recall now the excitement when Elite came out. It wasn’t until we got our hands on the Atari ST version that we got to experience it outselves. The freedom to explore blew our minds, but I have to confess I was abismal at the actual game.

Whichever platform they decide to release the 21st century update on I am buying it and the console. I just hope they don’t pull a Jar Jar Binks and ruin not just the reboot but our memory of the original too ;)

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Dan Bull Creates Fantastic Song About Lily Allen’s Anti-Fan Campaign

You might recall this week Lily Allen was ranting and railing against her fans sharing her intellectual property without paying for it and they should have their household internet connection cut off (guilty until proven innocent, without jury or any actual evidence, because, you know, music fans do not deserve fair legal processes that have been around since the doomsday book), only then to have to try to justify her own blatant unauthorized filesharing of 19 tracks on her popular website … oops.

She closed her anti-consumer blog after the overwhelming feedback was against her copy and paste parroting of big label music industry talking points backfired. Kind of Streisand Effect at work, more people got to know about the labels and politicians plans to abuse their supporters.

Now rather than your family internet connection cut off, they want to “throttle” your internets. The loudest voices still do not seem to think they need any evidence or allow you any right to reply, or chance to secure your wifi, and ignorance is no defense … unless you are Lily Allen, which is perfectly acceptible – oopsie and all that.

Well this video is a great, humorous, and quite catchy, response by some dude called Dan Bull. Enjoy!

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TomTom Car Kit to Include the App?

TomTom’s highly anticipated hardware accessory for the iPhone and iPod touch with an external GPS receiver recently became available in several European Apple online stores. They are priced at £99.95 (US$164.10) in the UK and 99.95 Euro (US$147.90) in other European countries, and includes the companion iPhone application.

Edit: It seems this is not the case so all is good with the world again :)

Think Visibility Update

Just wanted to write a quick note to congratulate The Hodge TM and team on ThinkVisibility.

Dom Hodge Hodgson

Dom "Hodge" Hodgson

Had a great time, met some super cool people, old friends and new, and managed to learn a thing or two, which is always a bonus :)

The Panel

"The Panel"

Photos by sk8geek

Photos by sk8geek