My 2010 In Pictures

In describing the JPG365 project on Twitter I said it was like creating a visual diary, and you know what? I think it makes a really good diary. It’s fun to look over your past year in photographic format. Here is a sample of our 2010. In fact it was difficult to choose one picture for each month because so much happened!


After a brief discussion on Twitter a group of folks and I are going to take part in a “picture a day challenge”.

Here are the details:

  • Any topic
  • Any camera
  • Shared how you like
  • If you are a twitter user, use the hash tag #jpg365
  • If you are flickr user, use the tag jpg365
  • Just make sure you take at least one picture a day and share it :)

Why do this?

Because it is fun, it is practice, and it is a social way to further your photography hobby :)

I just updated my jpg365 Flickr set here

New Nespresso Machine

I am so glad our new Nespresso machine arrived today. After some
initial difficulty (the machine refused to produce warm water which is
kinda essential for espresso) we got the baby working.

Rather than replace our aeroccino we got one of those whisk type milk
frothing machines. That also refused to work initially and only in a
slightly limp way now. But we persisted and man was it good.

This coffee tastes of home :)

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Thanks @Nespresso, Considered Forgiven!

After the customer service issue (Dec 15th I thought I was going to have to give up on my daily Nespresso fix but it seems they got wind of my blog post and called me up to see what they could do to put it right. Long story short I got a new account set up here in Canada and they sent me this lovely “Lungo” cup and saucer set!

Awesome :)

Even better, we ordered our new Nespresso machine and UPS say it is being dispatched, so maybe we can have our regular Nespresso lattes at Christmas using our brand new cups :)

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My First Big Link

I just went digging to find my first “big link” – the first time someone sent me a whole bunch of traffic.

While I don’t have stats going back that far I did manage to find a whole bunch of old blog posts from back in 1999, and one in particular where I referenced a traffic spike from the post above. It was a huge thing for me, not so much because of the traffic but because I read that site as a real fan (I think the site and specifically this article were instrumental in getting me into “Blogging” rather than creating “websites”) :)

Unfortunately the .com site is no longer maintained by the original owner, Cameron Barrett, and is now a pr0n site :( However I dug around and found a .org site … but he no longer maintains it.

So thanks Cam, it probably doesn’t seem like much but it certainly was :)

I’m going to dig up as many old posts as possible and paste them into this site so they are not lost forever :)

Nespresso Customer Service Fail

I asked Nespresso customer service how to change my address to Canada so I can keep buying from them (if you attempt to change country they log you out, logging back in changes back to UK, and the address editing form does not allow me to set Canada as my country).

Here is their “helpful response”.

Edit 20th December 2010 – All is forgiven :)