Three Monthiversary

3 Monthiversary

We have now been living in Canada for three calendar months!

They say time flies when you are having fun and it certainly seems true in our case. We have seen and done things we only dreamed about, and it is all the more amazing when you think back to how long this was in the making :)

The best thing is the people who have helped us settle in and enjoy being here.

Exciting times!

The Snow Just Keeps on Coming #jpg465

Every time I clear the snow it keeps coming back and covering it. I
might just stop clearing it and pretend that it has already been done

On the plus side, it might be -18c +/- windchill, but the sun is out,
the sky is blue, and somehow our new bedroom still arrived (if
slightly damaged and only half assembled).

The lady in customer services seemed shocked that we would prefer
replacements rather than $100 store credit. So now we have to wait 72
hours for someone to come out and assess if we are lying or not.

And people wonder why we normally buy furniture from Ikea …

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