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Sadly our trip down under is coming to an end, but we are still enjoying our travels. We are now in Melbourne and are looking forward to exploring this cool city. Cool is a good word for it, the place seems great but is under half the temperature of Sydney which had reached almost 40c before dropping to rain before we left! We thought we had left the need for coats and wooly socks at home but hopefully the weather will turn for the better today so we can hit the beach before meeting up with Darren and his wife for a meal tonight :)

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Cool People of #BWE09 – BlogWorld 2009 Pics

I’m having a GREAT time at BlogWorld. Here is some more photographic proof extracted from my Twitter stream :) 

Today is my first ever face to face talk with Mr Problogger Darren Rowse, thanks to WordCamp Las Vegas, which should be a great deal of fun! If you are at BlogWorld please do join us at 12:00 on the exhibit hall floor for an informal Q&A. (Not sure if it will be streamed at )

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Gordon Brown’s blog on climate change |

Climate change is the biggest threat to all our futures. It will affect every individual, every family, every community, every business and every country.

So it is fitting that today people from all over the world are coming together to blog on climate change for Blog Action Day.

I didn’t realize until an hour or two ago that it was Blog Action Day today because of all the traveling shenanigans, else I would have prepared more, but I think it is totally cool that the day is going so well so far and even Number 10 (which is an awesome WordPress case study) have gotten involved.

Who would have thought when Collis and co started it that world leaders would add their weight? Social media does work!

Being surrounded by sunshine and greenery in the middle of what ought to be desert makes me really conscious of the environment. For the sake of lay people such as myself we need much more public discussion about it, and what we can do as world communities.

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Mistaken Identity

I bet you thought this was going to be a post about Raven Seo … YOU are Wrong so so wrong, for many years I have been know has DaveN ~( it started around Oct 2001 at ) after I changed my original WMW username, so can you imagine my displeasure when I got asked is Raven Seo YOU ….

Dave should think think himself lucky it is Google sending you to the wrong place not friends and family ;)

Whenever anyone asks my friends or family what I do they always say “Chris? Oh, he is a webdesigner”. So folks go off and search for that … and find the “other” Chris Garrett (who is younger, better looking, and lives in Bristol).

Chris Garrett and



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Speak at My Conference…. for Free?

Last week I received an email from a conference organizer in the US offering me the opportunity to speak at their social media conference. I’d not heard of him or the conference before but the site looked pretty good and the lineup of confirmed speakers seemed good (mainly representatives of companies, but fairly high profile companies).

The only problem is that the conference is in the USA and I live in Melbourne Australia.

I replied back to the organizer saying that they look like they’ve put together an interesting conference but asking if they had budget for speakers (there was no mention of any in the previous email). I explained that I live in Australia and that I’d need to find a way to at least cover costs.

Calculating the Cost

The reply came today – we’d be happy to give you free entry to the conference but don’t have budget for speakers.


I have similar issues to Darren. Just like Darren I am not based on the same continent as the conferences. My audience is not as big as Darren’s but I have been known to help fill seats.

Some times I have even been expected to pay my entrance fee, didn’t even get a sandwich out of the deal.

The payoff for me is the networking opportunities. It seems paradoxical, but speaking at conferences means my introverted nature does not hold me back. When you speak people speak to you, I do not have to introduce myself nearly quite as much :)

Being so shy and introverted obviously does hamper my efforts. There have been a few times where I have had to escape to a quiet corner to recharge my social batteries, but on the whole I have learned some techniques so I do not suck completely at the networking thing :)

Out of the networking I have gained opportunities, too many to mention.

This is why I routinely come out from speaking engagements making quite a hefty financial loss, but can be optimistic about making that up some time in the future through increased opportunities.

My wife and accountant don’t necessarily understand ;)

I do need to be more careful about what I agree to. My logistics, travel costs and carbon footprint this year have been hectic to say the least!

Make sure you read Darren’s full article here

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