25 today

As birthdays go this was ok, kind of.

It started at five past midnight, when we got home from wednesday quiznight. I was looking through my pressies and was about to open one when Clare shouted at me. I couldn’t really argue – I make Clare wait until her Birthday too.

So I waited until 7:00am to start opening them.

Damian bought me an alien foetus, I can’t decide if it is really really sick or really quite cool ;O)

When I had opened all my cards and looked through my stuff I had just enough time to get ready and get to work. Clare was complaining of not being well, which got me worrying. I told her to call in sick, which she ignored as usual.

Bosses kindly bought us all lunch. I am guessing we will have to stop doing this, I feel guilty enough when there are six of us, if the company expands any more it will start getting even more expensive. Talking about bosses, hi Jason {wave}. I am going to have to start filtering out your IP Address ;O)

They bought me a birthday card that said “Loveable old slapper”, with a message that it’s 2/3 true …

Clare got sent home from work sick, so I spent the rest of the day worried as hell. Turns out, when she finally saw a GP, she has an infection.

So, rather than going to see Star Wars again as planned, Clare and her mum swiftly organised a BBQ.

Apart from being worried sick all day, I guess my Birthday was ok.